ACMA Charitable Trust Chairperson's Report

The following is an edited extract of the Chairperson's Report given by Ms. Linda Tang, the Chairperson of the ACMA Charitable Trust (the Trust), on the 19th of January 2022 at the Trust's Annual General Meeting. This extract highlights the achievements of 2021 and the aspirations of the Trust for 2022.

Good evening and welcome to our shareholder representative, Dr. Stephen Hing (President of the ACMA), Mrs. Cathy Lam (our Honourary Advisor), and all Board members.

Charity Events

On 18th June 2021, we co-organised a charity event with the ACMA, “The ACMA Winter-Warming Charitable Karaoke Dinner”.

It was a dinner gala at the New Marigold Restaurant, with a sumptuous feast and fund-raising karaoke singing by event guests. This event was a big success, with an attendance of 55 ACMA members and guests. We raised a total of $12,000 of gross funds from donations for the karaoke singing, the entire amount of which was donated: $10,000 to the North Sydney Region Youth Collaboration (a youth counselling service) and $2,000 to CanRevive, respectively.

I would like to thank the following persons:

  • Our past Chair, Dr. Gabriel So, as the main sound engineer and DJ for the karaoke singing;
  • Dr. Stephen Hing and Ms. Fifi Lai, for co-ordinating ACMA members’ attendance;
  • Mr. Ben Or, with the help of Ms June He, for collection of donations, issuance of receipts and accounting;
  • Dr. Chris Zakawski, for performing due diligence on the beneficiaries of donations;
  • Our fabulous co-MC, Ms. Helen Chen and her co-host from ACMA;
  • Dr. Tony Pang, for participation and help.

To allow for the entire raised amount from the evening to be donated, the Trust paid for the printing, food & beverage shortfalls and other incidental costs. The event had turned out to be one of the most memorable events of the year to the many attendees, and provided an opportunity for some fun, and for networking and catching up, while donating for such worthwhile causes. This was especially pertinent, given NSW shortly locked down once again after the event.

Board Trustee Roles

At last year’s AGM, I had stated that I would like to see all Trustee Directors develop his/her own role to contribute for the success of the Charitable Trust Board. I am very pleased to say that everyone has, over the last year, evolved into their own unique and great roles:

  • Mr. Ben Or, our Treasurer, performing great work of accounting and safeguarding the compliance requirements and standards for the Trust;
  • Mrs. Fifi Lai, our Secretary, is very dedicated and efficient at carrying out the secretarial work. She also helped a lot to liaise with the ANHF to facilitate our ANHF donation campaign;
  • Dr. Tony Pang, acts as a bridge between the ACMA Management Committee and the Trustee Board, enhancing the communication between the two;
  • Dr. Chris Zakawski, oversees the donation beneficiaries screening;
  • Ms. June He, assists Ben for event money collection and accounting;
  • Ms. Helen Chen, our event MC, as well as our researcher for donation initiatives.

I am humbled by all of the Trustee Directors‘ contributions, grateful for them bringing their different perspectives from each of their professions, and very appreciative of each of their commitments to the Trust's work and meetings.


In past year, we had made or committed to the following donations:

  • $10,000 to North Sydney Region Youth Collaboration;
  • $2,000 to CanRevive;
  • $7,500 to a scholarship for the Western Sydney University. This scholarship is to provide financial support for students studying a medical-related course, who is a sole family member with a university-level education (a further $7,500 committed for next year);
  • Committed a $30,000 donation to ANHF for the naming rights of a welcome lounge within their new Aged Care Facility ($15,000 from existing funds; while the remaining will be raised through ann ACMA members appeal and other donations).

We have also taken on board Dr Stephen Hing’s recommendation to explore sponsoring a scholarship for medical students next year.

Our upcoming goals

Our aspiration for 2022 is to continue our goal of serving the youth, community, medical education & research. We aim to continue to “take” by raising funds from ACMA members and through Trust activities, and to “give” by donating to our target beneficiaries as outlined in areas mentioned above.

Once again, I thank you all, the Trustees, Dr. Stephen Hing and the ACMA, as well as Mrs. Cathy Lam, for your help, guidance & support.