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澳华医学会 (ACMA) 新冠COVID-19媒体发布

 澳华医学会 (ACMA) 对于社区不愿接种新冠疫苗表示关注。 澳华医学会会长张中仁医生 (Stephen Hing) 指出,接种疫苗的好处远远超过它可能带来的任何风险。目前尤其如此,因为新冠Delta变种病毒正在悉尼广范传播而导致疫情严峻。

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ACMA Media Release regarding COVID-19 vaccination

The Australian Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) has expressed concern that there may be some community reluctance regarding vaccination against Covid-19. The President of ACMA, Dr Stephen Hing, said that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh any risks. This is especially true at present whilst the Delta variant of Covid is spreading in the Sydney population.

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